How much time, effort and money do you spend on route setting?

We all know that good route setting is mandatory to attract and keep climbers coming back often. You always have to invest in more good route setting, right?

With eClimber route setting has never been easier

It has never been faster and it has never been cheaper. Just install “all” the holds and do the route setting with the phone – something unimaginable even a few years ago. Choosing or changing a hold or just adding another foothold later takes literally only seconds.

Not to forget that climbers can create their own lines instead of you, too. Don’t worry you are still the boss and you can override everything.

Even if your gym is a big one

There is only certain amount of boulders or routes you can set at once. Modern holds and volumes take a lot of space hence the amount of boulders or lead routes is limited to less than ideal for each grade.

Now imagine

Combining most efficient route setting with maximisation of climbing surface by turning on LEDs and marking new climbing lines from different boulders or routes (cross color) opens really a lot of new combinations and possibilities in terms of difficulty and variety for climbers of all levels. All this without any extra physical work and super fast!

Also because ...

Young climbers simply love to use phone for everything. Give them a wall to play with and they will be hanging around in your gym even more.

We could talk about it for hours

But it is best that you visit and try any of the existing walls equipped with eClimber in person. If this is not possible don’t worry. All our representatives have demo portable walls (mini boards with real holds and bolts) available for testing. Disclaimer: it is addictive!

So why not get in touch with us!

Just in case if you maybe wonder ...
Yes, eClimber comes with a free app

Basic features

Something climbers and gym owners need.

Controlling the wall and climbing procedure

Creating and displaying boulders and routes with a few clicks is super easy. Many little useful features one would expect are included.

Admin rights

You always have the final word. Besides some classic admin rights and possibilities for wall owners or assigned route setters there are added some more options right inside the native app which can be used in a way climbers use it but on a higher level.

Analytics and feedback from climbers

Basics are covered, more is to come. This is an endless journey. You have a wish, we can do it.

Powerful advanced features

Where the real admin fun begins.

Remote route setter

If you know your wall reasonably well, you can easily create new boulders or routes from far away. All you need is to open Remote route setter module, take a look at the photo of the wall, imagine some nice combinations and create new lines by clicking holds in a picture. Climbing new creations later, micro adjusting and grading them is recommended of course. This one is the best time saver ever!

Wall segments

When using eClimber on a wide wall it can be used as a single wall or divided into several segments so that each of segments represents its own wall and more users can climb simultaneously. Perfect for prime time hours.

Adjustable wall

Do you have an adjustable training wall and want to climb and grade the same boulders on different angles? We have you covered, too.

Do you want to upgrade your wall with eClimber or know even more?