About us

Hi there, we are a team of four quite different guys, but we have a few things in common. We all run our own businesses, eClimber is for each of us a side project but an interesting one, so it is something we really create with enthusiasm.


The guy who had the initial idea and the one who found each of us and brought us together. The team builder.


Climber for more than 30 years. Climbing is his first chosen sport and also work. Being cofounder of MRclimbing many years ago and active IFSC Jury President are only two things he is known for. Obviously knowing a bit about climbing makes him very demanding and never quite happy with current state of eClimber. So be ready for what comes next.


For him developing apps for commercial pilots for sure takes more effort and commitment than dealing with software and hardware challenges for eClimber. You have a technical problem? He will fix it! He is also your support 1 on 1 guy.


The patient one. The one you will be in contact with all the time whether you are a potential or existing client or one of our representatives. He will prepare an irresistible deal for you, too. Just go to our contact page and send him a message or call him.